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» No Fail Trip Planning

April 2017

V- A- C- A- T- I- O- N-!

It's time. Time to pack your sunscreen, and trashy summer reads. To feel the wind in your hair. A pair of flip flops, oversized sunglasses, some shorts and you're gleefully skipping out the door. But wait..... This is not a party of one as it is in your daydreams. There are others to consider. "Others" being your kids who are just as excited as you for the change of scenery. So plan we MUST! No worries though. Whether it be planes, trains or automobiles, our no fail travel tips will make vacation planning a breeze! » Read more...

Inventor Rose Morris is SBA National Exporter of the Year

The adage "necessity is the mother of invention," certainly holds true for mother of three Rose Morris – a patent-holder, inventor of The Safety Sleeper™ and winner of the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) 2017 Exporter of the Year Award. » Continue...

Let the Storm Pass

Hurricane Abram is gaining speed I sighed, as I yelled for him to get his bike put away and himself in the van for the umpteenth time. We were headed out and we were going to be late. Abram is very attached to his bike and likes to go at his own pace favoring structure over surprise. However, I needed him to get his fanny moving, pronto. All I could hear was his indignant voice snarling his displeasure at being rushed. This was gonna be fun.
» Read blog here...

My Story - from Belinda M., Melbourne/Australia

I purchased The Safety Sleeper back in November 2016 after encountering many sleepless nights from my daughter, who has autism and intellectual disability, after seizures. I thought to myself there must be something on the market to help me and my daughter. » Continue...

» Creative Expressions Made Easy

March 2017

How Creativity Energizes Your Kiddos Thinking

Crafts, kids love them. However, mention the word "crafts" to a parent and it can send the most seasoned into a downward adult beverage drinking spiral. Do I have time for this and how much of a mess will I have to clean up? Relax we want to make it easy. These crafts are for the parent who could purchase these items from a big box store on the way home from work with a rotisserie chicken for dinner to the uber-organized mom who has them in a closet or even gasp a craft bin. » Read more...

Sax Man

I was holding up my phone in a sea of eager, impatient parents also holding up their devices in the auditorium. We were jockeying for position. Trying to get the perfect view of our blossoming musicians from the stage. All etiquette be dammed we would have the memory of our little maestros captured for posterity. Only my focus was on Abram who is learning how to play the sax. » Read blog here

Abram's Bed On The Move

Recently the All Abilities Camp, Safety, and Legal Fair was held at Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, PA sponsored by the Autism Connection of PA in which Abram's bed was in the house (or mall)! We were very excited to speak with families in the area to educate them on how The Safety Sleeper, is the perfect option for those with physical or mental disabilities who need a secure bed for at home or to travel.

Meet Abram's Bed in...

Nashville, TN: March 2 - 4, 2017
Philadelphia, PA: March 30 - April 2, 2017

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» Living Intentionally - Visualize Your Goals

February 2017

Thoughts become things, building an intention board for 2017

As we begin to move through the New Year, one of the biggest conversations is change and resolutions. And undoubtedly with every resolution there is difficulty in making an idea a reality. One way to help get you and your family's resolution active is to create a vision board.
This is a great project for kids with "ISMS." There are some excellent therapeutic moments involved in making vision boards: processing, organizing, fine motor, sensory, just to name a few. Then there is the social component and communication aspect as everyone shows and shares their boards, promoting self-esteem.
» Continue...!

Winning the Day

On this day I was winning. I, Rose Morris, found my house and myself passably clean, the kids snot free, off to school, and business meetings running as smooth as the black coffee I was inhaling to fuel the day. I was thriving, in the zone, knocking off the daily to do's like shooting ducks in a row to win the big teddy bear prize at the fair. » Read our blog here

Remember to Love Yourself

You wake up from a great nights sleep, perfectly rested. You pull back the curtains, the sun is shining, the birds are singing… oh, who are you kidding? You're a mom. You haven't slept in years. You run solely on coffee and adrenaline as you rush around trying to keep your children healthy, happy, and alive. Being a mom can sometimes feel like the most thankless job on the planet. But just know that you are… well… » Continue...

Meet Abram's Bed in...

St. Paul, MN: February 17, 2017
Nashville, TN: March 2 - 4, 2017
Philadelphia, PA: March 30 - April 2, 2017

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» Home after the Holidays

January 2017

Looking back at 2016...

During our recovery from the holiday hangover, we've had the opportunity and privilege to sift through multiple testimonials of how The Safety Sleeper has eased the burdens of families with special needs. It is so heartwarming to see actual families gaining true and expressing genuine appreciation.
While the product itself continues to fill a void for our clients, the portability of The Safety Sleeper has added an extra element of support for families that choose to travel during the holidays and still require adaptive sleeping devices.
With the craziness of the holidays behind us, as you and your family return to "real life" routines, we want to encourage you to take a bit of the holiday spirit with you and carry it throughout 2017. Remember that giving, loving, and appreciating the "little things" is what brings the most joy in life, and we don't have to limit these feelings to one month out of the year.
» Take a look at our year in review and reminisce on some fun highlights from 2016 here!

The Little Things

The holiday season is over, but the spirit of "doing for others" remains. In our blog, we share a story of one mother's journey through a supermarket with her two children with special needs. Read how a small decision made by a cashier made an enormous impact on this family. » Read our blog here

Meet Abram's Bed in... Orlando, FL!

Numotion Leadership Conference
January 19 - 20, 2017
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, FL

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» The Reason for the Season

December 2016

A Time for Generosity

The holidays are here again, and you know what that means—your attention will be pulled a thousand different ways as you try and navigate your everyday schedule on top of all the added demands the holiday season brings. » Click here to continue

Surprised by Generosity

"What are you up to?" One little question with one generous result! Read this month's blog to see how one small act can mean everything to the person you help. This entire month, we hope you think of ways someone has been generous to you and your family and ways you can pay it forward. We will be sharing stories of generosity all month long and hope you are inspired to share, reflect or take action. » Read our blog here

Happy Holidays!

Giving is the reason for the season, and here at The Safety Sleeper, we're taking this opportunity to offer you an EXCLUSIVE sale that will only be around during the holidays. Starting on black Friday buy The Safety Sleeper for 40% OFF! Already have The Safety Sleeper? Stock up on new coverlets or pads and enjoy 30% OFF all accessories as well! Enter promotion code HOLIDAY16 as you check out for your incredible savings! But you better act NOW, this deal ends once Santa's sleigh leaves the workshop on Christmas Eve!

» How Parenting a Child with Special Needs Helps me Grow

November 2016

Raising children in today's world is challenging in and of itself—and that goes double for the parents of children with special needs.

However, just as the pains of parenting can equate to some of the most joyful moments in life, parenting a child with special needs comes with its own set of rewards as well. » Click here to continue

Read our latest blog post, » "Diary of a Special Needs Dad", which gives some insight as to what it's like to be the father of a child with special needs.

Why We're Thankful for The Safety Sleeper

Parenting children with special needs can be challenging, but fear not, we're here to help! » Read how Ellie and her family found the "missing piece to the puzzle" by utilizing The Safety Sleeper. » Submit your story here!

SweetDreams Giveaway

We are giving away The Safety Sleeper Bed System to one lucky family on November 16, 2016. Just text "SweetDreams" to 31996 to enter for your chance to win The Safety Sleeper in either sail blue or hot pink!

» October is Learning Disability Awareness Month

October 2016

... and a month later, in November, the nation's focus will shift toward politics.

Here at Abram's, we thought this would be a great opportunity to shine light on questions to consider when choosing your candidate that relate to individuals with special needs. Here are a few topics to investigate to help you make an informed decision this political season. » Click here to continue

Quick Tips for a Safe Halloween

Want to stay away from the candy this year? Forget the apples and oranges, hand out fun knick knacks instead like bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, stickers, costume jewelry, fake teeth, etc. (just think Target Dollar Spot). » Click here to continue

SweetDreams Giveaway

We are giving away The Safety Sleeper Bed System to one lucky family on November 16, 2016. Just text "SweetDreams" to 31996 to enter for your chance to win The Safety Sleeper in either sail blue or hot pink!

Diary of a Special Needs Sibling

Understanding the struggles of living in a family with special needs can only be gained through experience. While the general population tends to focus on the negative aspects of living with disabilities, there is just as much positivity to be gained as well. » Read The Diary of a Special Needs Sibling.

» Your Child's "Supporting Cast" for Success

August 2016

Your relationship with your child's teacher(s) is important, here's why…

Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your child's teacher is crucial for their success—and that goes double for parents of children with special needs. Good communication with your child's teacher will allow both parties to understand and take into account your child's recent frustrations as well as important developments and how they related to both home and school life.

Landon's Story

Being a parent in today's world is hard enough, and when you're parenting a child with special needs, it only becomes more difficult. » Click here to read Landon's story and how The Safety Sleeper has helped lightened the load of the everyday struggles of parenting a child with special needs.

» Share your own story for your chance to win a Kindle Fire.

Food Allergies VS. School Lunch

Having your child's teacher on your side will not only aid in academic success, it can also add another "layer of defense" if your child suffers from specific food allergies.
» Our latest blog post provides help to parents of children with food allergies by listing a few steps they can take to ensure their child's safety when sending them off to school without a homemade lunch.

» Got Back to School Jitters?

July 2016

It's About IEP Time - 5 Tips to Get Ready

A child's individualized education plan (IEP) centers around a meeting in which a parent meets with several other people (the child's general teacher, special education teacher, school representative, school psychologist, and possibly others) to discuss plans to help the child for the coming year. This should be a positive interaction, but IEP meetings can often feel intimidating and overwhelming. » Continue...

Diary of a Special Needs Mom: Back to School Jitters

Jacob is in third grade, and he should be used to going back to school by now. But he's not. After a great summer with little organization and lots of fun, I need to get Jacob ready to go back to school. Since he's on the Autism spectrum, he needs a little structure and security. » Continue...

» Traveling IS possible... And other Summer Tips

June 2016

Traveling is Possible with The Safety Sleeper

Staying overnight at a hotel or someone's house may seem difficult or complicated for families. These anxieties are normal, but if you have a special needs child, you may have additional concerns. » Learn more...

Summer Potlucks

Families may have an array of dietary restrictions including avoiding gluten, casein, dyes, et cetera. Other diets may require a focus on probiotics and protein. Some children need to avoid specific textures or tastes because of sensory issues. » Continue and share your favorite recipe...

Do Summer Activities Leave you Unprepared?

Parents want the best experiences for their children this summer. Planning for all sorts of parties, amusement parks, and barbecues can seem complicated for parents with special needs.
» Check out our helpful hints...

Rebecca is Special Because...
Rebecca has been through so much. Now, after a tendon-lengthening surgery, she is dancing!
» Read about Rebecca and she will dance her way into your heart!

» Fun Activities to Enjoy This Summer

June 2016

Summer camps build social skills, form incredible childhood memories, and create adventures waiting to be had!

Why should children with special needs miss out? Here are two amazing websites with expansive searches for camps focused on children with special needs. Summer is here! Get searching!

» Very Special Camps — Fantastic database that lists camps by state and by camp type. This database provides camp resources for over 30 different diagnoses and you can narrow your search by specific requirements, interests and keywords.

» Camp Resource — This is another database with more specific categories (day camps, boys and girls camps, academic camps, and special needs camps), with a huge listing for special needs camps. 213 special needs summer camps listed on this website!

Summer Camps help to build lasting friendships, amazing childhood memories, and wonderful learning experiences.

Sensory Play Activates Your Child's Imagination

Messy, sensory play stimulates children's minds and imaginations. Sensory play allows children to explore how materials react and what they can do with different materials. How does a child experiment? By testing how things respond! A child learns by pulling a cat's tail, squishing mud, mixing toothpaste and rose lotion, and experimenting with the world!
» Explore more sensory play that can activate your child's imagination

Mady is Special Because...

Mady is six-years-old and is going on her first vacation ever! Her mom tells about Mady's amazing journey and difficult progress, but this year, she has started school, and they are going on their first vacation ever.
» Read about Mady's amazing journey!

» The Un-perfect Life of a Special Needs Mother

May 2016

Some days you just want to cry because a day in the life for a parent of a special needs child isn't easy.

You want to give them a normal life with acceptance and love from everyone, but this isn't something you can force. You want people to see your child on the inside, the way you do—the amazing, strong, intelligent, focused kid whom you love. Others see the obstacles or the diagnosis or whatever label that keeps them separate, different. Mary Hickey, like so many moms of children with special needs, sees the amazing beauty and strength inside her boys, even when the outside world boxes them in with limiting labels and diagnoses. Here, she shares her poignant, charming story in the » Huffington Post.

Levon is Special Because...

He'll never let a little thing like a diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder stop him - or dampen his day!! He lights up a room, has the most infectious smile and loves to giggle and laugh. He is pure light and joy.
» Read his amazing story of what truly makes Levon special, written by Dyna Mendoza.

MECP2 and Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome comes from a malformation in the MECP2 gene, which is a gene on the X-chromosome. Because this syndrome is attached to X-chromosome, many boys with this gene mutation die at or before birth, but this is the most common cause of mental retardation in girls. Watch this powerful video that tells about Levon and the effects and difficulties children with MECP2 gene mutations face.
» Check out how gene therapy in animals gives some amazing hope for the future of MECP2 children.

» Thank You for Meeting Abram's Bed at AOTA

April 2016

We know the AOTA show in Chicago was busy. Thank you for taking the time to visit the Fund It Forward booth.

If you visited with us, you learned about the benefits of The Safety Sleeper and how it may help your clients in the future. We hope you remember The Safety Sleeper product when seeking a night wandering solution for your clients. Additionally, we wanted to share with you valuable resources, for you and your clients, available on our website.

» Our Education blog provides stories from special needs families, information on the latest innovations available to special needs families, and resources to help parents mitigate the risks of night wandering for their loves ones.

» Our Resource pages includes information about financial coverage, travel tips for special needs families, and offers other helpful information for families.

Abram's Bed stands behind our products confidently and supports an expanding body of resources for our growing community. We aim to support you while you work with families who seek products to protect their loved ones while they sleep. We hope that you will support us and our community.
And, of course, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

» 4 Fantastic Financial Options to Help Fund Your Safety Sleeper

April 2016

We want to help you find the best, most affordable way to provide a safe bed for your child.

We work with you to find a DME company who can assist you with getting insurance to fund our product, but when insurance cannot provide the coverage you need, we will help you find other options including:
- Medical Waiver program
- Non-profit funding options
- 6-month interest-free financing through PayPal
- Special Needs Discount
» Watch video for more information

3 Safety Tips for the Travel Season

As you start to plan for spring break and summer trips, here are some safety tips to remember:

1. Put a wristband or necklace with your child's name and your phone number on it during a trip. A temporary tattoo might be a better solution for some. If your child becomes separated from you, this information will be visible.
2. If your special needs child has favorite toys, security items or essential medical items, you don't want to discover them missing halfway home. As you pack, make a checklist of all essential items and double check it before you leave each stop of your journey.
3. Bring more than you need of the special items your child requires. Remember: "Better safe than sorry." Well it goes double when you're traveling. Don't set yourself up for problems by running out of a critical item. Plus, with a few extras on hand, you won't be rattled when a well-meaning family member accidentally drops or spills precious medicine!

And, of course, The Safety Sleeper bed system assures safe sleeping wherever you go this summer. Your Safety Sleeper will travel conveniently with you. It takes just minutes to break down and set up and travels in a convenient carrying case. » Learn more

» FREE Kindle Fire Giveaway

April 2016

Since the beginning of time, stories have been a part of our lives and communities.

People built communities through telling stories, stories that share common experience, laughter, and lessons. Over the past 7 years, Abram's Bed has been building a community as well. It is through your stories that our community has grown. Abram's Bed showcases one story a month on our blog. We love receiving amazing videos and written stories to share with our community. » Continue reading

And in honor of "STORIES", Abram's Bed will be giving away a FREE Kindle Fire to one of our storytellers. » Submit your story here for a chance to win!

An "Angel" In Every Sense of the Word

Our son J.R. is an "Angel" in every sense of the word. His constant smile and bubbling laughter are contagious. You can be having the worst day of your life and J.R. will embrace you with a loving hug and give you a million kisses that will take all your sorrows away. He doesn't realize that God chose him to... » Read J.R.'s story

» I'm Special Because...

March 2016

Every child is unique, and every child has a special story.

This month in the "I'm Special Because… " blog, read about Caleb's special story. Caleb is affectionate and highly aware of his family, laughing and persevering through life's challenges. Read about his strength and perseverance, his infectious laugh, and his love for his family. Read the "I'm Special Because…" blog to hear more about Caleb, and share your child's own story. » Read Caleb's Story

Resources for Your Nonverbal Family Members

The Safety Sleeper Team wants to keep you updated on some of the newest technologies and resources available. Below you will find some articles describing the newest and most interesting nonverbal communication technologies available such as VerbalCare and The Smartstones Touch. » Continue reading

Abram's Bed: Live Demonstrations in Chicago

Come see us in person in Chicago! We're going to be at the 2016 Annual Conference and Expo for the American Occupation Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA). That's the weekend of April 7th through the 9th, and we will have some of our customized beds to show you in person! » Continue reading

» Safety Tips from The Safety Sleeper Community

January 2016

Start the year off right with these safety tips!

These come directly from parents of special needs children, so you know they've been tried and tested. » Click here!
Want more safety tips? » Check out our blog!

Fun New Year's Resolutions for Kids

New Year's resolutions aren't just for parents. Kids can have a lot of fun with resolutions and get just as much out of them! » Here are some of our favorites!

» Parents Advice for Surviving the Holidays.

December 2015

No one knows how to tackle the holidays better than moms. So when it came to getting good advice for handling the holidays, we went directly to the source. We surveyed our Safety Sleeper community to get their tips and tricks for the holidays. Check out what they had to say!
» See The Survey Results!

Did you know that a third of Americans travel for the holidays? We’ve gathered 14 tips to help make traveling with a special needs child easier. If you’re traveling with your special needs child this holiday, then make sure you read our latest post. » Check Out the Blog!

» Life with a Safety Sleeper

November 2015

Three months ago, Katie Supina and her son Ryan won a Safety Sleeper in our Sweet Dreams free bed giveaway. 6-year-old Ryan is diagnosed with dup15q syndrome, which manifests as autism, cognitive delays, sensory processing disorder, vision delays, no verbal communication, and other issues. Join us as we check in to see how his new Safety Sleeper has helped their daily life!

» Universal vs. Symptomatic Autism Screening: You Decide

October 2015

Last month the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) worked on putting together an official recommendation on screening for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in young children. When they published their initial draft recommendation statement, it immediately sparked a debate among physicians, pediatricians, and specialists.

The big debate is not whether autistic screening should be done at all, but when the screening should be done. Universal Autism screening would provide ASD screening for all children between 18 months and 30 months old. Symptomatic Autism screening will only be done when a child is exhibiting signs or symptoms of autism. » Continue...

» Avonte's Law: What It Is and Why It's Important

September 2015

Avonte's Law is also known as Senate Bill S.163.

The name comes from the tragic story of Avonte Oquendo, a child diagnosed with autism. In 2013, the 14-year-old Avonte wandered away from his special education school in Queens. A city-wide search was undertaken for him, but the search ended tragically when his remains were found three months later in the East River.

Avonte's Law was introduced by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to increase funding and improve efforts to prevent wandering by autistic children. Many autism organizations, including the National Autism Association, Autism Society, and Autism Speaks, have banded together to form the Autism Safety Coalition in support of Avonte's Law. » Continue...

» Resources to Help Your Child with the Summer Routine Change

July 2015

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the changing routine of summer activities. Changes can often be for children with special needs so we have put together a few tips and activities to help you navigate the changing routine and the hurdles that come with it.

Handy Tools & Tips

  1. Routines & Visual Timelines: Try to keep to a steady routine, like having excursions always in the afternoon, going to play centers on the same day every week, etc. A visual timeline with photos and sections broken out into chunks communicates better to special needs children than a standard calendar.
  2. Skip Surprises & Build Memories: Photos and videos are a great help. Use them to get your children excited about new locations so they become familiar with them. Once there, work with your child to take photos and videos that they can use to make scrapbooks, whether physical or digital.
  3. Get Creative with Your Gear: Try a Velcro ball & mitt instead of a normal baseball set to play catch, or get a travel safety bed that you can take to hotels or camping. With the right gear or toys, ASD & special needs can enjoy many of the activities other kids can during the summer.
  4. Bright Colors & Personal Bags: When you go out, try giving your kid a brightly colored hat, backpack, or shirt so you can easily spot them. In that backpack you can put their favorite things to help calm them down if they get stressed, like toys, books, video games, and, of course, drinks and snacks.
  5. Ask for Help: It can be easy to try to do everything on your own as a special needs parent, but you do have a support network for when things get crazy. And summer is definitely a time when things get crazy. Check with family members and friends to see how they can help, even if it’s just visiting for an afternoon once a week to help out.

Activity Ideas

  1. Picnics, Parks, & Day-Camping: Getting outside can do wonders for many special needs children. These outings make it easy to make sure you have the right food and gear so everyone can enjoy the outside.
  2. Play dates with Familiar Faces: It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean everything has to change. Play dates and trips with people your child know will help give them something to hold onto.
  3. Day Camps & Respite Care: There are specialized camps and respite care locations made for special needs children. These can be a great way to switch things up while still having a routine, and are invaluable if both parents work.
» Continue...

» Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved with the Special Olympics

June 2015

The Special Olympics goes much deeper than what you see on the surface. Here are just 5 of the reasons why should you get involved with the Special Olympics today!

  1. Community - If you read this month’s blog, you’ll see that community is truly at the heart of what the Special Olympics looks to create.
  2. Inclusiveness - Provides opportunities for kids and young adults to be a part of something meaningful, work together, and form lifelong bonds.
  3. Awareness - Educating people on special needs helps to reduce the stigma surrounding the individuals, focusing on similarities and not the differences.
  4. Positivity - The Special Olympics gives those with special needs a chance to explore their potential and focus on their ability.
  5. Involvement - The personal fulfillment gained from seeing children succeed through adversity is unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

Now that you have seen a few of the reasons to get involved, check out our blog to learn more about the Special Olympics and find out HOW to get involved. There are plenty of opportunities from your local Special Olympics, to special programs for students and families, to advocacy programs you can take part in today! » Continue...

» Destinations and Vacation Tips for the Special Needs Family

May 2015

Summer is just around the corner so the kids are almost out of school and its finally time to start thinking about your family summer vacation. However, for families of special needs children, planning the summer vacation can be especially stressful. Over the years, Mom’s of special needs children have shared advice and tips on how to make your next family vacation a great experience for everyone! » Continue...

» Making a Difference for Families!

March 2015

We value each and every customer and our goal will always be to make a difference in the lives of every family. We consider our customers an extension of our family and we always love to hear from them.
Here is what Sue Ann had to say about the impact The Safety Sleeper had on her family’s life...
Have you purchased The Safety Sleeper? We want to hear from you! We would love to have you share your story with us!
» Continue...

» The Safety Sleeper is now FDA registered

February 2015

Abram’s Bed is Pleased to Announce that The Safety Sleeper is now FDA registered! What does this mean for our customers?
It means PEACE OF MIND. You can rest assured that our products are recognized by a governing agency that is looking out for your safety as a consumer.
It means BETTER COVERAGE ON THE COST of the product. Insurance companies recognize products listed in the FDA registration database, which will increase insurance coverage options. » Continue...

Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone